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Vancouver Manhunt
Posted on March 21, 2006 @ 7:18am tagged with

Last night I played MANHUNT!!!. As in, I played hide-n-seek with a bunch of people in downtown Vancouver. Fun fun fun! Check out the boundaries:

I lasted around 30 minutes (out of the 50-60 total) until I was caught. The longer it goes on the harder it gets, since more and more people become hunters.

I had a good sprint where I outpaced a solo hunter early on. I had a solid headstart when he saw me in the middle of a long alleyway near the waterfront. There was no side route escapes, so it was just a straight sprint to reach the end and maybe hide somewhere else. My lungs hurt pretty hard afterwards, but I got away (only to be swarmed later). Serious training should I ever be manhunted for real...

There also appears to be a Toronto Manhunt. Any Montrealers gonna start one up there?

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The Pundits Say (2 comments)

The boundaries of tonight's yaletown game:

I lasted for a good while into it, but was eventually nailed by two guys working together in a devious team. Then I got to do some chasing down of my own. Fun fun fun.

PS: Much thanks to Google Maps for letting me examine their awesome satellite pictures.
  - comment by dustin on March 28, 2006 at 03:12am

During tonight's manhunt I pulled off a fast dash through a gap in busy traffic on Georgia St that would have made James Bond proud. The guy chasing me was close behind, but he didn't make the gap and I got away. 2 minutes later on the other side of the block a cop-car pulled up in front of me and 2 policemen got out. (This marks the 4th time I have been approached by police in Vancouver, approximately once per month =). Right away one of them said "you're playing that silly game aren't you". I said yes and displayed my prominent armband. I agreed to "tone it down" and was let loose again.

The boundaries:
  - comment by dustin on April 26, 2006 at 03:04am

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