Important notice: I am currently the owner and operator of the downloadable games company Sillysoft Games and am not looking for a job. This page remains here for posterity.




  • Creator and coder of Lux, a turn based world domination game. It is a multi-threaded Java application that features randomly generated worlds, a plug-in AI architecture, a built-in client/server for network games and internet integration for update checks and tracking network games. I developed all the code including the AIs and the map generation algorithm. I also set up and maintain Lux's website at, which includes a tie-in to the online purchasing system. (November 2001 - present)

  • Programmer / Analyst for Airborne Entertainment. I worked on creating client-server applications for mobile phones. Client side work was done using UIEvolution's XML application development framework. The server side work used Java JSPs on Tomcat. Applications were tested and deployed on multiple J2ME and BREW handsets. (October 2003 - April 2004)

  • Creator, designer and webmaster of, a content management platform. The site is written in PHP using a modular template based design. The data is stored in a MySQL database. (January 2002 - present)

  • Webmaster for the McGill Science Undergraduate Society ( (volunteer position, September 2001 - June 2002)

  • Converted consumer and trade magazine content from Quark Express format into HTML for Rogers Media Inc. This was done for the 22 magazines that Rogers has grouped under (summer of 2001)

  • Temporary webmaster for Benefits Canada (, Canadian Investment Review (, and Canadian Healthcare Manager (, all part of Rogers Media Inc. (summer of 2001)

  • Internet Systems Developer for Environment Canada, the national environmental department of the Canadian government, creating and maintaining intranet web applications. The primary tool was ColdFusion (a server-side scripting language) accessing Microsoft Access databases through SQL. My employer evaluation (a part of the co-op process) is available upon request. On it I received the overall performance rating of excellent. (January - April 2000)


  • Completed a four-year Computer Science degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada in May 2003. I graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.1. My McGill transcript is available.

  • My first year of university education was in Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, after which I transferred to CS at McGill. My average at Waterloo was 80.4%.

  • Graduated with honours from UTS (University of Toronto Schools) an enriched private high-school affiliated with Canada's largest University, June 1999.

    Computer Proficiency

  • I regularly use Java, PHP, SQL, XML and HTML.

  • I have experience programming with C, C++, sh, JavaScript, Python, Cold Fusion, Cocoa, Scheme and UJML.

  • Comfortable with UNIX, MacOS, and Windows operating environments.

  • I maintain an Apache/PHP/MySQL installation on my personal MacOS X computer.


    Available upon request.

    Leadership Experience

  • Prefect of Althouse, one of UTS's four houses containing approximately 140 students. As part of this elected position I organized and led inter-school competitions and events, and served as a representative of the students to the administration. (1998-1999).

  • President of Impro Club at UTS for three years. Scheduled, publicized and ran the weekly club meetings as well as represented the club at events such as 'U of T Day' and 'Club-o-rama.' (1996-1999)

  • UTS at Camp Tawingo counselor (January 1998 and January 1999).

  • Leader of UTS Junior Jazz Band (1997-1998).

    Awards / Accomplishments

  • Finalist in the Web/Downloadable category of the Independent Games Festival competition for my game Lux. (2005)

  • I received a student scholarship to attend Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. (2003)

  • I was admitted to the UTS Principal's Honour roll for maintaining an A average. (1993-1999)

  • I won second prize in the Critical Writing (Humor) category of the Toronto Star newspaper's High School Newspaper Awards for a movie review I wrote for the school's paper. (1999)

  • For my graduation project, I wrote, directed, produced and acted in a 25-minute skit comedy show (1999).

  • The Dr. T.M. Porter Scholarship and The Beverley Matthews Award. Awarded to the Prefects of UTS selected from the graduating class. (1998)

  • Metropolitan Regional Investment Tournament First Place Trophy (1998). Merit is a citywide high school competition that simulates the real-world stock exchange.


  • I play a Tam-Tam drum.

  • I'm a member of the McGill Improv Club.

  • Movie/documentary production.

  • I enjoy many sports. Soccer, frisbee, squash, and skiing in particular.

  • I like to travel and have been to Europe, the Caribbean and across North America.
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